Who We Help


Growing your family

It’s our job to sit down with you and work out what new financial responsibilities you have and how best to meet them.


Pressed for time

It’s our job to understand where life’s at, and to tailor a plan for you and your lifestyle.


Running your own show

It’s our job to relieve the pressure and get a financial plan in order for you and your business.


Elite Athletes

Partner with us as your financial specialist now while the money is rolling in. Don’t wait until it stops coming to make a start.

Our Team

Chris Browne
Chris Browne Founder & Managing Director
Chris Browne Founder & Managing Director

Ali Hussaini
Ali Hussaini Associate Financial Adviser
Ali Hussaini Associate Financial Adviser

Matt Hale
Matt Hale Senior Financial Planner and Director
Matt Hale Senior Financial Planner and Director

Sam Gawenda
Sam Gawenda Senior Lending Specialist and Director
Sam Gawenda Senior Lending Specialist and Director

Braden Johnston
Braden Johnston Senior Accountant and Director
Braden Johnston Senior Accountant and Director

Sam Jewell
Sam Jewell Financial Planner
Sam Jewell Financial Planner

Tom de Fegely
Tom de Fegely Lending Specialist
Tom de Fegely Lending Specialist

Our Unique Process


Right Fit

This is an important first step because it helps us get an understanding of who you are and where you’re at. It’s about understanding your needs and how best to help. Enquire about your FREE Consultation


The Plan

We know where you’re at and where you want to be and so we come back with the road map to get you there. They’re your financial goals based on your financial position so it’s never a one size fits all approach.


All Sorted

This is the most important step where our recommendations come into play. Its at this meeting that we formalise our relationship with you and talk through how we will keep supporting you in to the future.

We’re here to make the process as easy, cost-effective and enjoyable as possible.

Financial planning is too important to leave to just anyone. Rising Tide prides itself on being the best in helping to secure financial futures. Not many people have the time or expertise to get these matters sorted efficiently or effectively on their own. Whatever your goals may be and whatever you want to achieve we want to help you get there.

Rising Tide is well-equipped to assist with all of your finance needs whether they be personal or business, tax, insurance or lending – we’ve got you covered.

Give us a call today and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your personal needs.

Our History To Become Experts In Financial Planning

After working in the financial services sector for a couple of years Rising Tide Founder, Chris Browne noticed a gap in the Australian market for simple advice aimed at people beginning their financial journey. Fast forward a few years and Rising Tide is an industry leader in providing thoughtful, proven advice to Gen X and Y.

It’s this fresh approach to business that has helped make Chris and his team one of Australia’s leading financial service providers.

Having grown up in a financially disadvantaged home himself, Chris made the decision early on to create a different life for himself. Above all he wanted the freedom to say yes. Yes to his own home, yes to babies, yes to holidays – the whole lot.

Fast forward to 2016 and Chris’ team has grown to twelve passionate financial professionals and Rising Tide is widely recognized as one of the best financial services company for young people here in Australia.

Now a full service agency, Rising Tide supports their clients by providing advice in property, lending, insurance, accounting and more.

“For me good financial advice means taking complex information and turning it in to simple advice,” says Browne.

Our Purpose

Here at Rising Tide we take great pride in primarily working with people who are starting out on their financial journey and are wondering how best to go about accumulating wealth and creating a financially stable life for themselves.

Our approach to financial planning always comes back to our company motto: ‘The Freedom To Say Yes”.

What do we mean by “the freedom to say yes?”

For us it means helping our clients get themselves in to a financial position where they have the freedom to say yes to the things that are truly important to them. For some clients this could mean owning their own home and having an overseas holiday once a year. For others it could be being able to retire at 50 and send their kids to private school.

Whatever it is that is important to you, as leading financial planning experts in Melbourne, we’re here to help you implement a plan to make it happen.

Come in and meet with us to discuss your financial position