We’re here to make the process as easy, cost-effective and enjoyable as possible.

Financial planning is too important to leave to just anyone. Rising Tide prides itself on being the best in helping to secure financial futures. Not many people have the time or expertise to get these matters sorted efficiently or effectively on their own. Whatever your goals may be and whatever you want to achieve we want to help you get there.

Rising Tide is well-equipped to assist with all of your finance needs whether they be personal or business, tax, insurance or lending – we’ve got you covered.

Give us a call today and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your personal needs.

Who We Help


Growing your family

It’s our job to sit down with you and work out what new financial responsibilities you have and how best to meet them.


Pressed for time

It’s our job to understand where life’s at, and to tailor a plan for you and your lifestyle.


Running your own show

It’s our job to relieve the pressure and get a financial plan in order for you and your business.


Elite Athletes

Partner with us as your financial specialist now while the money is rolling in. Don’t wait until it stops coming to make a start.

Our Unique Process


Right Fit

This is an important first step because it helps us get an understanding of who you are and where you’re at. It’s about understanding your needs and how best to help. Enquire about your FREE Consultation


The Plan

We know where you’re at and where you want to be and so we come back with the road map to get you there. They’re your financial goals based on your financial position so it’s never a one size fits all approach.


All Sorted

This is the most important step where our recommendations come into play. Its at this meeting that we formalise our relationship with you and talk through how we will keep supporting you in to the future.

Come in and meet with us to discuss your financial position