Tax Services

Whether you run your own company, work as a sole trader or you need some help lodging your personal tax return, the Rising Tide Accounting Team have you covered.  We can assist with:

Company structures

If you work for yourself it pays to get both professional and personal financial advice on how to structure your business. Our team can help you determine the best structure for you in terms of tax and liability for your business.

Book Keeping & Payroll

When you’re growing a business if there is one thing you need to ensure you have right it’s your financials. Here at Rising Tide we offer a full book keeping service ensuring that you can work ON your business while we work IN your business.  We use online accounting software such as Xero to ensure that out clients are always informed and that we spend less time on unnecessary meetings and more time getting the job done.

Tax Returns

A tax return done right can save you and your business thousands of dollars. Here at Rising Tide we offer an obligation free tax consultation and we can usually have your return completed for you within a few weeks!

Financial Statements

No need to be checking in on your accounts constantly because Rising Tide accounting can provide you with regular financial statements that will keep you up to date with how your business is tracking.

ASIC Compliance

If you operate a business here in Australia the ATO requires you to tick certain boxes every financial year. This includes regular board meetings and making sure your company structure stays up to date.  Thankfully, the Rising Tide accounting team can provide advice on how to stay on top of all of these obligations.

ATO Compliance

If you run a business in Australia the ATO has a number of requirements you need to make sure you tick off each financial year. This includes things like completing BAS statements, submitting your tax return in a timely manner and more.  Since requirements can vary depending on the sort of business you run, it can be confusing. Thankfully the Rising Tide Accounting team is on hand to ensure that you meet all the requirements that are relevant to you.  In most cases we can actually take the day to day stuff off your hands and submit relevant reports and statements on your behalf. Once again, this means that you are free to work ON your business while we work IN your business.

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