As complex as financial management can seem, the path to security and prosperity is really simple.  Often all it takes is an honest and knowledgeable financial advisor who understands and works within your specific requirements.  Looking for a Melbourne Financial Planner? Rising Tide specialises in helping you manage your finances, from when you first start work through to significant decisions you make around investments, superannuation and life’s major milestones.

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At Rising Tide we pride ourselves on delivering the very best service and ensuring that every interaction you have with us in not just stress-free, but enjoyable.  We have a flexible approach to the way we deal with clients and gladly work around your day-to-day commitments to meet with you at a time and place that works with your schedule.

We know that personal financial management can seem boring but don’t let it slip by the wayside.  Working with a qualified financial planner really can set you and your family for a safe, secure and fun-filled future.

Rising Tide’s Founder and Managing Director, Chris Browne (Browney) is a highly regarded finance expert, business mentor and motivational speaker.  Ever since he started Rising Tide ten years ago, Browney has made it his priority to build the best team in town.  Our team of high achievers are here waiting to help you with your financial needs.

Above all, we are about helping you ‘say yes’.  Saying yes to buying your own home, yes to purchasing an investment property, yes to that overseas holiday or yes to that renovation you’ve been dreaming of.  Whatever it is for you, we’re here to help you achieve it.


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